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WE WANT YOU! - What We're Looking for During Recruitment


CHARACTER (when nobody is watching, do you still do the right thing?)


LEADERSHIP (do you step up to the challenge, or shink in fear?)


DIVERSITY (personality, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic, etc)


CONFIDENCE (do you believe in yourself?)


EXCELLENCE (will you stop short of your goals?)


FRIENDSHIP (are you loyal to your friends?)


SERVICE (how do you help others in need?)


DRIVE (what are your passions?  What makes you get up every morning?)


DEDICATION (can you commit to something and follow through to completion?)


PURPOSE (what are your goals/dreams?)


TEAMWORK (can you work with others to achieve your goals?)


INDIVIDUALITY (we want unique people!)


LIFE EXPERIENCE (what experience do you bring to the table that nobody else can?)





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